My 2021

上次写博客还是上次,一万年过去了,我终于又想起了密码,把博客支起来,打算写一篇《我的2021》。回想一下,我摸了一年,并没什么可写的,正好值此机会,通过一系列文章总结一下我的前半生。我新建这篇文章的时间是2022年1月3日 10:14,也不知道摸多久才能写完,随缘吧。这篇文章的内容也是好多篇草稿的提纲拼起来的,跨度两年,都是只有提纲,可见我摸鱼功力不凡。

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Guide on Packaging and Import Baidu Exporter to Chrome


It’s been a loooooong time since the last update. Just cause I’m too lazy. X P

Chrome removed Baidu Exporter from Chrome App Store due to some unknown Python transaction recently. Due to security reason Chrome will disable extensions import locally with unknown source. You will get annoying popups every time launching Chrome if unpacked extensions are loaded.

So in this thread I’ll provide a better solution to load Baidu Exporter with the latest build using Windows Group Policy. This solution inspired by ungrown@Github, thanks.

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